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281713 votes / runtime: 2H, 6 M / story: Snowpiercer is a movie starring Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, and Tilda Swinton. In a future where a failed climate-change experiment has killed all life except for the lucky few who boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around / Creator: Bong Joon Ho, Jacques Lob / Bong Joon Ho / 2013

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Just watched this movie last night. Honestly one of the best movies I"ve ever seen. They have no memory of what its like to be on the Earth. For them to procreate, its going to take a little time. So, for me, its a very hopeful ending … But those two kids will spread the human race … I dont really feel everyone must die. I hope there were other survivors who lived through the avalanche, I just didnt have the means to shoot that … You realize later on that the kids are the ones keeping this engine going, and this machinery intact. The engine is itself is on its way to extinction along with cigarettes, and other goods. Extinction is a repeated word throughout the film. But outside the train, life is actually returning. Its nature thats eternal, and not the train or the engine, as you see with the polar bear at the end - Bong Joon-ho on Snowpiercer"s ending.

Snowpiercer free download. Snowpiercer download free wallpaper. Just watch the movie I spit on your grave u will have alot more fun :D. No comment on the child going back to his place after all. I think it was a crazy commentary on how most of us are okay with our place. I totally got it the first time I watched this film. The polar bear signified hope because everyone was initially told nothing could survive outside of the train.

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I always find something worth watching in your channel, love the vids. Why does he sound like he"s takin a dump. Great flick, a must watch if you tired of Hollywood B.s. Snowpiercer download free software. A d b y G r a m m a r l y Free English writing tool. Write in clear, mistake-free English with our free writing app. Try now! Download You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Undo. Snowpiercer 300mb free download. Wow. What a brilliant analysis of this movie. I was fortunate enough to see this in a theater. We don"t get too many Korean made films in US theaters. I picked up on a few of these things in the film, but not nearly all of them as you"ve explained. You"ve given me a much greater appreciation of this fine piece of work. Thank you. I"ll be sharing this on FB for sure. Also, thanks for the spoiler warning! Very crucial.

I honestly think this is one of the best films i"ve ever watched. Was I the only one who thought at the end: they have to make babies together when he"s older. I CAN"T BE THE ONLY ONE RIGHT. Snowpiercer download free music. I watched this movie and I honestly expected more. but what can I expect. Damn Thresher Maws from Mass Effect. I truly enjoyed the movie.

Snowpiercer free download mp4. Yes i"m watching on tv This a good movie,i love it I verry verry love abigail she"s beatiful,smart,so strong,amazing,i love abigail eyes,the color is glowing blue??. Snowpiercer download free movies.

Good movie, very different! D 8.5/10

I see a lot of bad comments but I genuinely enjoyed this movie i like to see a girl kill some cocky ass guys who think she"s actually scared. You"re going to have to retroactively add sins for Weinstein Company. That polar bear just found lunch. fade to black) credits roll. Snowpiercer download free music. Snowpiercer movie download free. Snowpiercer 480p free download. Snowpiercer download free mp3. Snowpiercer download free movie. This was very well done. Thank you. It was really good. This is one of the most exciting scenes I"ve ever seen in a movie. Masterpiece. This guy was so grossed out about the bugs but he willingly ate a baby.

This was actually really cool. I knew he would remove sins at the part where they shoot each other from the opposite side of the train. Where is the shield. Konami version, please. Snowpiercer movie free download. Love the video, I haven"t seen the film but now I will! Glad to see your channel doing so well man. well deserved. Get Twitter. http://ikegibonagi.duckdns.org/sitemap.html For a remake (or remade feom the book) its pretty much the same tone as the movie, just more sex. I"ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going... Snowpiercer download free full. I think it helped my viewing of this movie that I knew very little about it going into the movie. I am a fan of cinema, in general, but I would say that the majority of my viewing is horror and so it was that I saw this well reviewed on several of my favorite horror fan sites. I know only that it was about a class society on a train at the end of the world, so it was much to my surprise when the expected grim dystopian future film turned out to be so much more than that.
This is absolutely bound to be one of those movies that will divide viewers quite a bit and will elicit varied reactions. There are plenty who instantly dislike anything with an "artistic touch" and will throw out words like pretentious and self-indulgent to bash this movie. Then there are the idealistic youth who will eat this up like candy and proclaim it to be a work of genius even though they may not understand some of the nuances (much like A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. The real truth probably lies somewhere in between.
There seems to be a lot of directorial talent coming out of South Korea these days and I really enjoyed this director"s previous monster movie THE HOST. Here he take a script that could have been a disaster in the wrong hands and turns it into an intelligent, exciting action sci-fi movie. In a lot of ways this reminded me of THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Not just for the apocalyptic future themes, but for the memorably entertaining, over-the-top characters and situations that are presented while still feeling grounded in a grim reality. In many ways that reflects the graphic novel roots of this movie.
I was immediately drawn in by how quickly we get to the action. This is not a movie that takes the first hour to develop character and tone before we start getting into the meat of the story. I was caught off guard by how quickly the plot kicks into gear. The director allows the back-story to develop as the plot goes along much as the "rebellion" is developing car by car along the train, which is the crux of the plot.
You see, there is a class system on this train, with the wealthiest up front, the middle class in the middle and the poor majority residing in the ghetto at the tail of the train. They aim to take the train and create equality and must do so one car at a time as they take ownership of each. This also allows the movie to create different tones and sets. Each car is unique and thus allows for a miniature movie in each, whether it be a clash in the dark with the train lord"s minions or a brightly colored school for wealthy children to devour the teachings of the train.
Mainly this is about characters and there are many memorable ones. Tilda Swinton is fantastic. John Hurt"s character is unique and stylistic. The Korean father/ daughter (the same combo from THE HOST) are excellent even as the only non-English speakers in the movie.
I think what causes the most debate is the ending. It"s something that I wasn"t expecting, to be honest. As stylish as the film had been up to that point, I think I was expecting something more mundane. Your typical Hollywood "good guys win/ bad guys lose/ everyone is happy" ending. I was not expecting the twist in events and the multi- layered exploration of themes that we got.
I"m still not entirely sure what I thought of the ending and it"s the reason this is an 8 for me rather than something higher. The pre- climax revelation convo between Chris Evans and Song Kang Ho was excellent and may have served as a better ending. The actual final conversation between Evans and Ed Harris is a little more problematic. Did the movie do enough to make those themes resonate well? Is it just retreading the same thematic territory seen is no many sci-fi films and really "rebellion" films already? Did it reach too far?
I"m still deciding on some of the answers to those questions myself, so I feel my rating is justified. An excellent first 90 minutes with an ending that didn"t immediately blow me away with emotional impact.

Now that I know every aspect of the movie from start to finish I"ll definitely pay the price of admission. How many fight this scene. Snowpiercer download free vector. I don"t want to kill anybody, I don"t like bullies; I don"t care where they are from...



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